British Columbia     November 2014

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Boomers May Rebel Against Downsizing And Moving Downtown
Maybe they are truly the spoiled generation and still expect the best of everything.
Mom + Dad Think Their Outdated House Is Better Than New Ones
"This place is all any family should need or want" doesn't cut it with fussy buyers.
Seniors Sell Their Family Home For Huge Money And Still Lose.
Alvin and Mabel sold for a million bucks and still left tax free money on the table.
The Kindness Of Strangers, From Fins To 4X4s.
An hour passed and so did hundreds of cars, but nobody stopped.
You Must Decide If You Will Carry It, Cut It Loose Or Pass It On
You've had it for so long now it may have become a part of who you are.
The Money You Leave Your Adult Children May Cause Them Harm
There is a mountain of money to be given away.

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