British Columbia     April 2014

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Health Care Systems Will Soon Be Begging Us To Age-In-Place
Modified homes and electronic monitoring will be the way of the future.
Boomers Helped Modify Parent's Homes, Now Doing Same To Theirs
A certified "aging-in-place" remodeller can give you mental health and extra years.
Mickey Rooney's Complicated Estate And The Digital Privacy Act
Elder abuse takes on a new look in this digital age.
Adult Children Expecting Inheritances Discourage Reverse Mortgages
But...wise Seniors don't go blindly into these equity release loans.
Seniors Selling Personal Stuff Online To Supplement Retirement Income
Their families don't want the stuff that has meant so much to them.
Your Parents May Outlive Their Spouse And Friends...What Then?
They may need your help to form new relationships that will sustain them.

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The financial freedom to stay in your own home, on your own terms, for as long as you choose.

* Available to Canadians 55 or over living in their own home.

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