British Columbia     September 2014

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What Triggers Your Role As The Power Of Attorney For Your Parent?
Don't do half-baked or knee-jerk planning on this critical issue
Having Daughters May Be A Big Benefit When You Are Older
Data shows that daughters spend twice the time with their elderly parents than do sons.
Aging Boomer's Victorian House Needs A Growing Family Again
He decided to leave the place where he made a family and raised a daughter.
Would You Be Willing To Build Your Parent's Home Within Your Home?
Demand for true "in-law suites" is growing as the Boomer wave rolls over us.
Senior Developer In Ladner Slammed By Both Young And Old Alike
Those who attended public info meeting on proposed condo project weren't very neighbourly.
Adult Children Hoping To Inherit The Cottage May Get A Big Surprise
Memories and emotion tied to decisions about what happens with the family retreat.

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